What’s The Catch With Walmart Savings Catcher?

In this Walmart Savings Catcher review, I attempt to answer one simple question: what’s the catch with the Walmart Savings Cather app? And I reach a simple conclusion: there isn’t one — as long as you don’t allow the app to change the way you shop.

When you scan or type your recent receipts into Savings Catcher, it compares recently advertised prices and gives you dollars you can turn into store credit if it finds a lower advertised price. The hope is that you will simply forget about comparison shopping and do all your shopping at Walmart, expecting to get credit if you didn’t get the best deal in the first place.

But many product categories are excluded, and store brands can’t be compared. Certain kinds of sales don’t show up either. So a lot of things aren’t caught by the Savings Catcher. Some reviewers just hate that.

Others don’t like that the app is correlating your purchases and your personal information, but if you pay with a credit or debit card, that’s already being done anyway. It’s really weird to suggest that there’s something wrong with Walmart knowing what you’ve bought at Walmart.

Still others don’t like that there’s a limit of a few hundred dollars in savings every year. But I’d be grateful to save a few hundred, wouldn’t you?

Don’t Let The Walmart App Change The Way You Shop

The Walmart app can be dangerous if you start to rely on it. If you normally comparison shop and stop doing that, you’ll probably end up spending a little more over time. But if you’re like most busy people and don’t comparison shop at all — or only do it for large purchases — you can actually save a few dollars by letting Walmart do some after-the-fact comparison shopping for you.

Sure, it’s a bit gimmicky. And sure, a lot of things are excluded. And it takes some of your precious time. But if you don’t mind scanning a few receipts during a few of the minutes you might be on Facebook anyway, what’s the harm? You only stand to gain, not lose.

Walmart maintains a long list of frequently asked questions and rules for the program, which you can view online. Also take note if you don’t have a smartphone: you can still access the Savings Catcher feature from any computer. That means even those without smartphones can save using this service, and those people might just be the ones who most need the savings.

Look For The Good, Not The Bad

I’ve noticed a trend in online reviews: people like to nitpick, looking for the bad rather than the good. Maybe it makes sense to examine every aspect of a product or service and point out everything that’s wrong with it. But why not take the good and overlook the bad sometimes — especially when you stand to gain?

Walmart isn’t paying me anything for saying nice things about their Savings Catcher service. In fact, they don’t even know I’m doing it. But I’m benefiting in a small way from using it, and you might too.

So what’s the catch with the Walmart Savings Catcher service that’s available online and through the Walmart app? Nothing.

Just keep shopping the way you usually do, and scan or type in your receipts to see if you can get a little money back. Sometimes, you will. And there’s nothing wrong with that.