Want El Pollo Regio Coupons? We Have Ways To Save

If you’ve ever tried the chicken at El Pollo Regio, a small chain of Mexican chicken restaurants based in Dallas, you’ll know why each of the locations stays so busy. The chicken is probably the best you can get at any quick-serve restaurant — and the prices are amazingly low.

In fact, that’s the best news about El Pollo Regio discounts and offers: the prices are so low that they fit into any budget, even without using a coupon or offer.

We’ve gotten to be very fond of this restaurant, and we’ve noticed that saving some serious money is possible when you take the right actions.

El Pollo Regio Coupons

When we last checked, there are no El Pollo Regio coupons circulating online. But we do have several pieces of advice for you if you want to pay as little as possible for great chicken, carne asada, quesadillas and more:

1. Share. Most entrees at this restaurant chain are huge. The burger, for example, is a half-pound burger on an extra large bun with avocado, cheese, a slice of ham and more. It’s more than enough for two people. You can also share a half chicken, a carne asada plate or a quesadilla and no one will go home hungry.

2. Go at lunch. Most of the time and at most locations, the economical half chicken with rice, beans, tortillas and more is even less at lunch. You can save $1.50 or more just by order your takeout meal for the evening during your lunch hour. The food is great cold and reheats very well.

3. Take advantage of all the freebies. Chips are usually free, and there are many salsas and sauces available for free to help extend your dine-in meal. There are even a couple of cabbage slaws to help you add veggies and some spice to your meal.

4. Watch your Valpak. Although we haven’t seen it, there are rumors of El Pollo Regio coupons sometimes appearing in the blue Valpak envelopes mailed to homes in certain area, so watch these packets. You might just find something else you want inside if you bother to open the envelope.

El Pollo Regio Email Club

Amazingly, El Pollo Regio doesn’t have an email club or offer any birthday discounts. That’s hard to believe in an age when a strong and growing mailing list is an important tool for growing an email list. You might want to send the company a message and encourage them to start one so you can save more later on.

You can follow the company on Facebook and Twitter for reminders and offers as well, although we haven’t seen much there recently worth mentioning.

When you take full advantage of everything offered and take our advice, you won’t really need any El Pollo Regio coupons. And that’s good since there often aren’t any out there.