Save Money With Velvet Taco Discounts — And Smart Choices

Velvet Taco quickly becomes the favorite taco restaurant in the neighborhoods it enters because of the unusual array of taco fillings, quick and friendly service and affordable prices. While you may find the chain’s prices to be more than your usual fast food place, Velvet Taco offers things you can’t get anywhere else.

The menu changes from time to time, but you can always expect some tacos wrapped in lettuce leaves, tacos for vegetarians as well as Asian and Mediterranean-inspired tacos. And tacos are about all that the chain sells. Other than the rotisserie chicken deal and the great red velvet cake, this is solely a taco place. You can get some roasted corn as a side, if want.

Velvet Taco Coupons And Offers

If you’re looking for Velvet Taco coupons, I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. As far I know, this chain does not offer coupons. But there are a few ways to save. Those include:

Follow Velvet Taco on Facebook. Each location has its own Facebook page, and while I don’t see many discount offers, you may find one from time to time. You’ll also see announcements of the Weekly Taco Feature — or the WTF. This is the chain’s version of a weekly special. Often these tacos are especially good combinations at an especially nice price.

Take advantage of Back Door Chicken. Any day of the week, the Back Door Chicken special — called the Side Window Chicken special at the Fort Worth location — allows you to get a rotisserie chicken with corn and tortillas for a good price. But the special is half price on Mondays, making it only $10 when I checked last. It’s a nice special if you’re looking for something to take home since tacos don’t really transport very well. And the discounted price is sometimes offered on other days as well.

Hold the place to a high standard. When the Fort Worth location first opened, I got a discounted rotisserie chicken that wasn’t fully cooked. I complained by email and was given a replacement meal — and great customer service. The manager took my complaint seriously, offered me a little extra in my free meal and earned my future business by handling things well. Since prices aren’t that low overall, don’t accept bad food. Get your money’s worth and more when you tell the chain’s employees when they fall short.

Velvet Taco Email Club

Velvet Taco is a small chain of taco restaurants that started in Dallas and then expanded to Fort Worth before entering Chicago and beyond. It’s sure to be a success wherever it goes because of the great quality of the food.

But the chain needs to seriously consider adding an email club and offering birthday specials and other rewards to loyal customers. Since Facebook doesn’t show users all posts from businesses, it makes sense for businesses of all kinds to offer an email club, and I don’t understand why Velvet Taco doesn’t.

You can argue whether the food at Velvet Taco comes at a good price, but the quality is certainly good. Saving money off the regular price is tough to do at this chain, but it’s sometimes possible if you follow closely and take advantage of any offers that do come your way.