Information About Taco Casa Coupons And Online Deals

If you’re looking for Taco Casa online deals and coupons, we have some good news and some bad news. Stay with us here while we explain to you how to get the most for you money at Taco Casa.

But first we have to clear up which Taco Casa we’re discussing. There’s a small chain of taco restaurants in Alabama that go by that name. And there are several independent restaurants around the world that have that name too. But the name is most often associated with the taco chain founded in 1972 in Texas.

It’s the chain of more than 70 restaurants that hasn’t changed much since its founding and still serves pretty much the same thing. Don’t look for chicken or fish tacos. Everything on the menu is based around ground beef and beans — and the customers seem to like it that way. Some customers are obsessed with this simple taco chain.

Taco Casa Deals

You may have found that Taco Casa isn’t a very Internet-savvy company, and that’s a shame. That’s our experience as well. While you may find a Facebook page for some individual restaurants, you aren’t likely to find any online deals or Taco Casa coupons on the web. That’s the bad news.

There are, however, ways to save at this chain that’s fairly inexpensive anyway. Here are a couple of things that have come to our attention:

Taco Tuesdays. Some locations put tacos on sale on Tuesdays. If you’re available on a Tuesday, it makes sense to check. But call ahead. Not all locations participate in this or any other promotion.

Frijoles Fridays. Some locations feature a sale on bean items like bean burritos, tostadas and cups of beans on Fridays. Again, not all locations feature this special.

Other Daily Deals. We’ve noticed that most locations have signs in the windows with special, including daily specials. They vary greatly by location, so drive by and see what you can learn before making a decision about which location to visit.

Taco Casa Online Club

We don’t know of any online club, discount email list or birthday club offered by Taco Casa, but we’ll add that information in this section if we become aware of one. These clubs can be great ways for companies to generate a loyal fan base and a nice way for customers to get special deals and offers that are better than those offered to the public.

While we may not have been able to shed too much light on additional ways to save at Taco Casa, the chain offers quality Mexican food at prices that are already affordable. That’s the good news.

Why not give your closest location a try on my recommendation? You’re sure to get a good deal.