How To Save Money On Stouffer’s Frozen Entrees

If you’re looking ways to save money on Stouffer’s frozen dinners and other similar products, I have some ideas for you. And one of them may not be something you’ve thought about.

Stouffer’s frozen dinners are better than ever before because the company has removed most preservatives and recommitted themselves to offering higher quality meals. Plus, prices have actually come down at some stores. But Stouffer’s meals and their diet counterpart Lean Cuisine are still among the highest-priced frozen dinners.

Still, you can make sure you always get the lowest price available. Here’s how I do it:

Use The Walmart Savings Catcher To Save On Name Brands

I shop for most frozen, canned and packaged items at Walmart – although their produce and fresh meat leave a lot to be desired. When you shop for your Stouffer’s dinners at Walmart and then scan the receipt into the Walmart Savings Catcher app, the price you pay is compared to the sale prices at other top grocery stores – like Safeway, Albertsons and Kroger. If you paid too much, you get it back in the form of credit you can use at Walmart later.

What a deal, huh?

While the Savings Catcher doesn’t work very well on some grocery items – and doesn’t work at all on some of them – you can save a lot on name-brand frozen dinners just by scanning your receipt using your smart phone. Let the app catch sale prices you don’t know about.

Other Ways To Save On Stouffer’s Entrees

Whether you use my tip about the Walmart Savings Catcher or not, there are other ways you can save on Stouffer’s entrees. Here are a few you may want to consider:

The usual ways. Look for newspaper coupons and other cents-off offers in your newspaper. And watch for sales. If you look at sales anyway, you can cut out the middleman and simply buy your dinners directly from the store that has the lowest price, cutting out the need for the Walmart Saving Catcher.

Consider mixing things up. In some cases, you can save by literally mixing in a few more ingredients and expanding a Stouffer’s frozen dinner – or simply share a dinner with some else. Some of the single-serving casserole dishes are great for sharing at lunch when you add bread and a salad.

Buy the standard sizes. Some meals are available in a regular size and a larger individual size. Save money and save your waistline too by choosing the smaller one. In many cases, they’re a better deal – but read labels to make sure you know how much you’re getting and decide if sharing might provide even more savings.

When you follow this advice and use a bit of creativity, you can find ways to save on Stouffer’s entrees – whether you shop at Walmart or another grocery store chain. These frozen dinners really add up after a while, and you need to save when you can.