Half Price Books Coupons And Offers Are Easy To Get!

From humble beginnings in an old laundry in Dallas, Texas in the 1970s, Half Price Books has grown to be the go-to source for new and used books as well as music and more in most cities around the country. While major bookstore chains and independent used bookstores have mostly failed, HPB keep growing.

It’s great that this chain is making inroads in so many communities because the prices are great. New books are always discounted, and the chain focuses on used books at half the cover price or less. Plus, there are ways to save even more money.

The Best Way To Save At Half Price Books

Without a doubt, the best way to save at Half Price Book is to join the email list. When you sign up for this list, you get coupons worth up to 50 percent off a single item several times a year as well as many other discount coupons and dollars-off coupons. You also get announcements about bestseller offerings and author events. Since priced are already heavily discounted, this can result in getting items at a very low cost.

To join the Half Price Books email list, click here.

Other Ways To Save At HPB

The email list isn’t the only way to save money on books at HPB. Here are three other great pieces of advice:

1. Watch for seasonal 20 percent off sales. Several times a year — usually on holiday weekends — Half Price Books puts everything in the store on sale for 20 percent off. This includes new and used books and music as well as magazine, notes cards — and everything else. Stores get busy during this time as the workers try to reduce excess inventory, and you can save some serious money.

2. Watch for coupons for selling your books. You can sell you used books and music to HPB, and the company sometimes offers a 10 percent coupon or other incentives to those who sell to them. Ask if there’s a coupon available for selling items if you have some things you want to get rid. (They don’t pay much for items, however, and you’ll get better money if you selling only a few items at a time.)

3. Ask for a better price. The store employees like to turn over merchandise that’s been in the store six months or longer and is in a department that’s overstocked. Many items are dated on their price stickers, so take a look. If the item has been in the store a while, ask for a better price. This works a large percentage of the time if the item is older.

When you can save on merchandise at a chain store already known for low prices, you’re really doing good. And that’s very possible at Half Price Books.