About This Site


Life is complicated, but some aspects of it can be simplified – so that they cost less money, make more sense and are easier to deal with. At DFW Lady Red, my goal is to help you spend less money, endure fewer hassles and have a better overall life. What more could you want from me?

I’m Jen Parker, and I’ve spent a lot of my life trying to make ends meet. That means always trying to find coupon codes, discount deals or other savings on everything I buy – no matter what it is or where I go. In a lot of cases, I’m successful at saving a lot of money.

On this blog, I share what I’ve learned and what I’m learning with you. I write about the Walmart Savings Catcher because I’ve gotten some money back with it. I’ve talked about coupons for Salata, discounts for Fuzzy’s Tacos and how to save at Del Taco because I’ve learned a few tips and tricks. And I talked about beard color, back problems and electric blankets because dealing with others in my family has given me a reason to learn about these things.

Every post on DFW Lady Red is designed with you in mind. While I know you won’t be able to relate to all of them, I hope there’s something here to help everyone.

As a married mother living in beautiful North Texas, I have a lot to be thankful for. Part of my commitment to staying grateful is staying committed to posting some of the lessons I’m learning on DFW Lady Red.

I hope you will continue the journey with me – even when I’m writing about black toilet paper or infrared quartz heaters. Like I said, not every post will hit you as a winner.

So that’s me. I’m doing what I can to get by and helping you however I can. I hope that’s good enough for you.