7 Handy Tips for Buying Groceries Online

Grocery shopping is a necessity for every home, but most of us find it difficult to make a trip to the supermarket every time we need someone. No one likes lugging a cart down the block or hopping on the crowded bus with heavy bags. Moreover, grocery shopping can turn out to a big chore for people living in cities that are devoid of convenient stores. Even the thought of standing in long checkout lines can be tiring!

This is precisely where online grocery shopping comes into play. Such services can be a godsend to people who hate the idea of heading to a brick and mortar supermarket. Now, it’s pretty obvious that you can easily shop around and place items into your shopping cart while sitting on your couch, but it’s also easy to end up buying things you don’t need or won’t finish.

Want to give online grocery shopping a shot? Here are some handy tips to get you started:

  1. Create a List and Stick to It

It’s never a good idea to visit the online grocery store without making a list of things you need to buy for the next couple of weeks. That’s probably what you’ll do when heading to the city supermarket, so be sure to maintain the habit when shopping online.

Now, there’s a good chance of being tempted to click on other items while shopping, maybe some discount offers or some other thing you forgot to put on the list. However, it’s in your best interest to stick to your list and get it over with. Don’t impulse buy!

  1. Don’t Just Hit the Reorder Button

There are several different services that make things convenient for you by giving you the chance to get previous invoices so you can just reorder the items. Now that’s pretty good, but it also means that you won’t get to shop around or take advantage of specials to see if there are discounts on similar products.

  1. Plan Lunch and Dinner Around Sales

It’s also an excellent idea to plan your meals around what’s on sale on the site, just as you would when shopping at a brick and mortar grocery store. In essence, try to be on the lookout for coupons and online discounts to fire up your recipe plans.

  1. Buy Less Fresh Produce

It’s pretty obvious that you won’t get to smell or touch the produce you’re adding to your online shopping cart, so it’s in your best interest to pick fruits and vegetables that are unlikely to get bruised in transit. Pineapples, oranges, and corn should be on your list. You can quickly head to farmer’s market to get the rest!

  1. Say Something

Now that it’s clear that you’re paying for your food online, you can’t be certain that it’s going to arrive your doorstep in tip-top shape. If you find that the produce or other items are bruised or battered upon arrival, be sure to contact your online store’s customer service number or email and let them know about the issue. You’re likely to get reimbursed for the cost of the product or receive credit for your upcoming purchase.

  1. Consider the Unit Price

Most of us can relate to how daunting it can be to compare unit costs at the supermarket primarily because the cost per pound happens to be unclear in many stores. The good thing is, most online grocery stores make it easy for customers to compare unit costs, so be sure to take advantage of this information.

  1. Be On the Lookout For Expiring Offers

Who wouldn’t like to buy around sales? Doing that is great! However, you should be aware that there are times when the on-sale period expire by the time the groceries are charged to your card. Once this happens, you won’t get to enjoy those expected discounts. The thing is, there are retailers that will alert you about expiring offers before taking the plunge, but others might not do the same. The bottom line; always check sale expiration dates before hitting the checkout button.

So there you have it! These are just a few tips that can make your online grocery shopping a whole lot easier. If you’re looking to switch to online shopping, be sure calculate your savings and compare it to how it is with the old-fashioned way of hitting the grocery store by yourself. If you find that there are no significant savings, then you may want to give it a break for a while. Happy shopping!

How To Save Money On Stouffer’s Frozen Entrees

If you’re looking ways to save money on Stouffer’s frozen dinners and other similar products, I have some ideas for you. And one of them may not be something you’ve thought about.

Stouffer’s frozen dinners are better than ever before because the company has removed most preservatives and recommitted themselves to offering higher quality meals. Plus, prices have actually come down at some stores. But Stouffer’s meals and their diet counterpart Lean Cuisine are still among the highest-priced frozen dinners.

Still, you can make sure you always get the lowest price available. Here’s how I do it:

Use The Walmart Savings Catcher To Save On Name Brands

I shop for most frozen, canned and packaged items at Walmart – although their produce and fresh meat leave a lot to be desired. When you shop for your Stouffer’s dinners at Walmart and then scan the receipt into the Walmart Savings Catcher app, the price you pay is compared to the sale prices at other top grocery stores – like Safeway, Albertsons and Kroger. If you paid too much, you get it back in the form of credit you can use at Walmart later.

What a deal, huh?

While the Savings Catcher doesn’t work very well on some grocery items – and doesn’t work at all on some of them – you can save a lot on name-brand frozen dinners just by scanning your receipt using your smart phone. Let the app catch sale prices you don’t know about.

Other Ways To Save On Stouffer’s Entrees

Whether you use my tip about the Walmart Savings Catcher or not, there are other ways you can save on Stouffer’s entrees. Here are a few you may want to consider:

The usual ways. Look for newspaper coupons and other cents-off offers in your newspaper. And watch for sales. If you look at sales anyway, you can cut out the middleman and simply buy your dinners directly from the store

that has the lowest price, cutting out the need for the Walmart Saving Catcher.

Consider mixing things up. In some cases, you can save by literally mixing in a few more ingredients and expanding a Stouffer’s frozen dinner – or simply share a dinner with some else. Some of the single-serving casserole dishes are great for sharing at lunch when you add bread and a salad.

Buy the standard sizes. Some meals are available in a regular size and a larger individual size. Save money and save your waistline too by choosing the smaller one. In many cases, they’re a better deal – but read labels to make sure you know how much you’re getting and decide if sharing might provide even more savings.

When you follow this advice and use a bit of creativity, you can find ways to save on Stouffer’s entrees – whether you shop at Walmart or another grocery store chain. These frozen dinners really add up after a while, and you need to save when you can.

What’s The Catch With Walmart Savings Catcher?

In this Walmart Savings Catcher review, I attempt to answer one simple question: what’s the catch with the Walmart Savings Cather app? And I reach a simple conclusion: there isn’t one — as long as you don’t allow the app to change the way you shop.

When you scan or type your recent receipts into Savings Catcher, it compares recently advertised prices and gives you dollars you can turn into store credit if it finds a lower advertised price. The hope is that you will simply forget about comparison shopping and do all your shopping at Walmart, expecting to get credit if you didn’t get the best deal in the first place.

But many product categories are excluded, and store brands can’t be compared. Certain kinds of sales don’t show up either. So a lot of things aren’t caught by the Savings Catcher. Some reviewers just hate that.

Others don’t like that the app is correlating your purchases and your personal information, but if you pay with a credit or debit card, that’s already being done anyway. It’s really weird to suggest that there’s something wrong with Walmart knowing what you’ve bought at Walmart.

Still others don’t like that there’s a limit of a few hundred dollars in savings every year. But I’d be grateful to save a few hundred, wouldn’t you?

Don’t Let The Walmart App Change The Way You Shop

The Walmart app can be dangerous if you start to rely on it. If you normally comparison shop and stop doing that, you’ll probably end up spending a little more over time. But if you’re like most busy people and don’t comparison shop at all — or only do it for large purchases — you can actually save a few dollars by letting Walmart do some after-the-fact comparison shopping for you.

Sure, it’s a bit gimmicky. And sure, a lot of things are excluded. And it takes some of your precious time. But if you don’t mind scanning a few receipts during a few of the minutes you might be on Facebook anyway, what’s the harm? You only stand to ga

in, not lose.

Walmart maintains a long list of frequently asked questions and rules for the program, which you can view online. Also take note if you don’t have a smartphone: you can still access the Savings Catcher feature from any computer. That means even those without smartphones can save using this service, and those people might just be the ones who most need the savings.

Look For The Good, Not The Bad

I’ve noticed a trend in online reviews: people like to nitpick, looking for the bad rather than the good. Maybe it makes sense to examine every aspect of a product or service and point out everything that’s wrong with it. But why not take the good and overlook the bad sometimes — especially when you stand to gain?

Walmart isn’t paying me anything for saying nice things about their Savings Catcher service. In fact, they don’t even know I’m doing it. But I’m benefiting in a small way from using it, and you might too.

So what’s the catch with the Walmart Savings Catcher service that’s available online and through the Walmart app? Nothing.

Just keep shopping the way you usually do, and scan or type in your receipts to see if you can get a little money back. Sometimes, you will. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Choose Beard Color That Won’t Come Off On Your Woman

Did you know that not all beard color is permanent? And did you know that some products sold for daily use are actually just beard mascara that comes off when you touch it or rub against it? While a temporary beard color is a nice idea for Halloween, I can’t see any reason a guy would want to use a beard mascara or other temporary beard color as part of their daily routine.

But if they do, there are some products that are better than others.

I know that when a few beard hairs start to go grey it must be tempting to do something, but I think going grey is better than using something that comes off easily. Anyway, we need to help the men in our lives make smart decisions regarding coloring their beards so they can feel good about themselves.

Here are a few more details about the most common beard color choices:

Just For Men

Every guy knows about Just For Men. This brand has been on the market for years and advertises aggressively. For some guys, good results are possible. Interestingly, it seems to have taken over the men’s hair coloring market from Grecian Formula, a brand I heard a lot about when I was a kid — and it’s still available. Many warn against using Grecian Formula on the beard area because of irritation.

In fact, Just For Men and cause skin irritation and doesn’t color evenly on some guys, so it’s no wonder that some men who insist on using beard color avoid this popular brand. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it would to have a rash on your face under your beard.

Natural Beard Dye

A lot of guys — perhaps the smartest guys — choose a natural beard dye for good, long-lasting results without irritation. And natural beard dye can be used as often as they like without fear of doing damage. Just For Men and other chemical beard colors have limits on how often you can use them and long you can leave them on to keep you from doing more harm than good.

One popular natural beard color is Manly Guy, which is available in, I think, about a dozen different colors. And unlike the chemical beard dyes, Manly Guy is available in convincing reds. Guys with red beards have few real options when it comes to beard color.

Beard Mascara

Amazingly, beard mascara has grown in popularity in recent years. I remember first hearing about it when a male celebrity mentioned in an interview that his wife didn’t like to kiss him when he was going out because his beard mascara would come off on her. I suppose if a guy has only a few grey hairs this makes sense, but who wants a beard color that comes off so easily?

From what I can see, the best brand for those who want to try it is Blackbeard for Men Formula X — available from Amazon. Apparently, it stays on a long time and won’t rub off too easily. If the man in your life is going grey and you don’t like it — or he doesn’t — I suppose this is a good way to see if beard color will help. Some guys also use a dark shade of Formula X to make light-colored facial hair look darker and more noticeable. It only comes in brown, dark brown and black, however.

The Bottom Line

I don’t mind a guy with a little grey in his beard, and I suspect that most other women don’t either. But I can certainly understand how grey hairs can make a guy feel older than he really is. And there’s nothing wrong with using hair color or beard color if that’s what he wants to do.

But we have an obligation, I think, to help the men in our lives deal with these little issues so that they always look and feel their best. It’s one of those things we do for the men we love.

Black Toilet Paper: Why It Makes More Sense Than You Think

You may have heard that Kris Jenner or Kim Kardashian or some celebrity only uses a special brand of black toilet paper. Or you may have heard that toilet papering a house or tree works much better with black toilet paper because no one can see it until morning.

You may have even heard that high-quality black toilet paper feels better against your body than the white stuff.

Whatever you’ve heard and whatever you may think of buying black toilet paper, there are actually a few sensible uses for upscale black toilet paper.

The Brand Of Black Toilet Paper To Buy

The packaging isn't impressive, but black toilet paper, available from Amazon, has its uses.

The packaging isn’t impressive, but black toilet paper, available from Amazon, has its uses.

Colored toilet paper was actually very common in the United States in the mid-20th century. Through 1940 or so, it was considered a mark of elegance to have blue, green or cream-colored toilet tissue, for example. Even when I was a kid, pastel toilet paper was still available. But check out your local discount store or grocery store today and you’ll see nothing but white.

While there are some imitators, the very best black toilet paper comes from Renova. The original Renova Black Toilet Paper — available from Amazon — is luxurious, soft, three-ply tissue that gets the job done without irritation. The company claims that once you try this brand you’ll never go back to other brands. And there’s certainly something to be said for the extremely high quality.

Plus, Renova makes many other designer colors. Have you heard that Beyoncé only used Renova red toilet paper? I can understand why she’s like the quality — if that’s true, of course. But why red?

Uses For Black Toilet Paper

There are actually more uses for black toilet paper than you might imagine. While you can put it in your bathroom and use it every time you’re in there, most people reserve it for special purposes, like these:

Halloween decorating with black toilet paper. Perfect for use inside or out, it make a better impression than traditional streamers. And you can even toilet paper your own house or trees as a way of decorating for the gory and spooky holiday.

A gift for a goth. If you have relative who’s into the goth lifestyle or just likes dark clothing and accessories, black toilet paper could make a great gift for them. Even if all their gifts are always black, there’s a very good chance no one has gotten them black toilet paper yet.

Some elegance for a guest bathroom. If you have a guest bathroom with black marble or black and white tile, for example, add some interest and some elegant by putting out some black toilet paper. It will impress your guests and let them know that the little touches are important to you. (Black paper towels are available for the kitchen too!)

Humor And Style At The Same Time

The most interesting thing about black toilet paper is the impression it leaves when it’s put out to be used as toilet paper. Some people find it elegant and beautiful. Others find it funny. Most people are struck by the novelty of it and find it a bit of both.

This much is for certain: there’s not much fun in putting black toilet paper in your own bathroom and not telling anyone about it. But it makes a nice conversation piece and an interesting touch in a bathroom you share with others. Plus, it’s a fun and elegant new way to express your uniqueness — or recognize the uniqueness in others.

Click here to see pricing and order Renova black toilet paper from Amazon, a site that truly has everything — at great prices.

Salata Coupons And How To Save Money At This Salad Bar Chain

If you like salad, you have to like Salata. While it can be a challenge to find Salata coupons, there are ways you can save money. It involves watching for deals to come up, ordering intelligently and taking full advantage of their rules and offerings.

While Salata bills itself as a salad bar, that description can be a bit confusing. It isn’t an all-you-can-eat salad bar where you serve yourself. As you may have noticed, those are hard to find these days.

Instead, it works like a Subway sandwich shop. You tell the people behind the counter what you want on your salad — choosing from several groupings of items — then they add everything to a large bowl. At the end, the salad is tossed. You can add bread for free or pay extra for soup.

You can get yourself a pretty big salad if you like all the things they offer at no extra charge and have them put in a little of everything.

Finding Salata Coupons And Discounts

Salata doesn’t regularly publish coupons or discount codes online, so you can’t depend on finding a code or offer every time you go. While that method works with some buffet chains and with a lot of fast food choices, Salata doesn’t provide as many offers as you might like. They also don’t have an email club, a big mistake in my book.

But here are a few things you can do to get a better deal at Salata:

Watch for new openings. Locations often have discounted salads around the time they open, so watch for new openings near you. This chain is expanding, so watch Salata’s Facebook page for announcements. You’ll find other offers there sometimes too.

Watch for Groupons. Check your local Groupon site and other similar sites for Salata deals. These don’t happen often, but they do happen. While you have to order these deals in advance online, they’re often half off or better.

Stay alert when you drive by. Some locations run specials for $5 salads and other offers when business is slow. Watch for a board outside or something in the window.

Discover The Secret Of Sharing At Salata

Is sharing allowed at Salata?

Salata’s regular-sized salads are larger than most people can eat at one meal, so consider sharing. Some people think this isn’t allowed, but I wrote the company’s corporate office and was let in on the secret: if you ask for your salad to be divided while it’s being made, this could confuse the cashiers and cause you to be charged for two separate small salads.

But if you have your salad made in a single bowl and then ask for a takeout container as you go through the line, you can divide the salad at your table, putting half of it in the takeout container for another person sharing with you or to take home for later.

While this may seem a strange way to handle it, that’s what a company representative told me to do — and it works.

“We would advise against trying to ‘split’ a large salad at any point while walking down the line as you will most likely get charged for two small salads,” an unnamed representative told me by email. “You have the option of ordering a large salad and asking the cashier for an extra to-go box when you get to the register. You would be able to divide up the salad with friends at your table.”

At our local Salata, the manager is more than accommodating to those who want to share. In fact, if he see someone come in and go through the line while another goes and sits down, he asks if you’re sharing. He even now recognizes that I prefer to share and offers to divide the meal into two bowls. Other employees seem just as eager to please as he is.

Go Healthy At Salata For Less

I have to say that the price tag for a small or large salad at Salata seems reasonable to me, especially considering how many topping choices there are. But there’s always a way to save money when dining out, no matter where you eat.

At Salata, the secret is to stay alert for deals at the store and online. And be willing to share. It makes for a fun dining experience, and you can get some ice cream down the street — or stay put for one of Salata’s cookies — with the money you save.

Best Gifts For Guys: A Guide For Birthdays, Christmas And More

Some women — and even some other men — have trouble deciding on the best gifts for guys. Whether it’s a husband, boyfriend, brother or friend at work, it’s often tempting to let an occasion slip by without a gift because it can be so hard to decide what to buy.

The best gifts for guys are things they can use or play with. While they may or may not be practical items, guys don’t usually like to have a lot of stuff around to look at. Instead, they want things that do things and things that they can use to enhance activities they already enjoy doing.

Anyone with a sense of fun would like this wooden mini bowling game.

Anyone with a sense of fun would like this wooden mini bowling game.

Consider these five best gifts for guys the next time you’re stuck:

1. Some great sauces. Guys who grill like barbecue sauces, rubs and hot stuff, in many cases. Guys who don’t cook still like salsa and other sauces they can add to the foods someone else cooks for them. Gourmet olive oils are great too. Guys often like to experiment with flavors, so a gift set of flavorful items will remind him of you every time he has a little, perhaps for months to come.

2. Some of his favorite beverage. A bottle of scotch or gin is a common and almost cliché gift for a guy, but men who drink are sure to enjoy a bottle of either a favorite brand or a premium brand. But don’t limit your thoughts to alcohol. Many guys love specialty-store cream soda in glass bottles or handmade root beer or ginger beer from a local shop. If you know the guy, you’ll know what he likes — or have plenty of time to find out.

3. Stubble trimmer. Most guys would appreciate a better stubble trimmer or beard trimmer than they have. A lot of guys have bought themselves one and don’t use it because they didn’t choose the best stubble trimmer available. Choose a good one for him. Or if he’s always clean-shaven — a rarity these days — get him a high-quality razor and shaving kit. Either way, your gift is sure to be appreciated.

4. A unique game. Whether that’s an unusual game for his favorite old-school console or a board game with lots of little pieces, many guys are into gaming of all sorts, including gaming with real pieces and parts. If know the guy, choose according to your unique knowledge of him. If your knowledge of the guy isn’t very deep, choose something unique, like a wooden desktop game available from Amazon.

5. A great jacket. People give relatives and friends sweaters all the time, but few people give jackets as gifts. Choose something affordable that matches your recipient’s personality. If you can’t afford a leather jacket and he wouldn’t like one anyway, try for a trim, modern jacket from a mall store where he can exchange it. But if you choose well and come close to his size, that won’t be an issue. A jacket doesn’t have to fit perfectly, and he can never have too many.

So what do you think of these ideas? Are they the best gifts for guys you’ve heard about? I hope so.

Choosing the best gifts for guys means considering what you know about the recipient, how much you have in your budget and then choosing with care. If a guy is worth giving a gift, it’s worth getting right.

Click here to learn more about the wooden mini bowling game shown above, a great gift for any fun-loving person.

Flonase Coupons Plus Other Ways To Save On Flonase

If you’re looking for Flonase coupons, I have good news for you. I can tell you where to find some. And I have even more good news. There are other ways to save on Flonase too. Stay with me and read until the end for complete advice. You may be surprised how many ways there are to save money on Flonase. Maybe you’ll want to use a coupon now for quick relief, then use on of my other money-saving tips when you need more of this steroidal nasal spray.

If you get as much relief from it as I have, you’ll be using it daily and perhaps year-round if you have symptoms that never seem to let up.

Flonase, as you may know, is the brand name of a drug called fluticasone propionate. It’s designed to treat allergies, but it’s more than an antihistamine. It blocks several substances that cause allergic reactions that lead to sneezing, itching and running nose as well as head pressure and pain. It’s so expensive because it has recently become available over the counter and is not yet available in a generic or store-brand products. Until a generic or store-brand equivalent is available, you can expect to pay top dollar.

But there are a few ways to save.

Get Printable Flonase Coupons Online

Flonase coupons are one way to save money. Ordering from Amazon is another.

Flonase coupons are one way to save money. Ordering from Amazon is another.

The first and best place to get Flonase coupons online is to sign up for the company’s mailing list. As of this writing, you’ll be offered a coupon for up to $4 off — if you choose the 120-dose coupon — just for signing up. You may get other offers in your email from time to time, but I’ve found that future coupons from this mailing list are few and far between. Still, you’ll want to get on it. When you do get offers, they will be Flonase coupons printable from your browser.

Do that now by singing up at the Flonase website, but be sure to return here and read the rest of my advice.

Many online coupon sites promote Flonase coupons in one way or another, but all of them that I’ve checked send you directly to the site linked above. As far as I know there are no other online ways to get Flonase coupons.

Be sure to watch the Sunday paper in your area, however. During allergy season, there are frequent Flonase coupons in the newspaper coupon insert section.

Other Ways To Save On Flonase

Flonase coupons aren’t the only way to save on fluticasone propionate nasal spray. In fact, you’ll save a lot — more than the value of any coupon I know about — if you keep these things in mind:

1. There’s more than one advantage to the bigger bottle. When you choose to buy the 120-sprays bottle instead of the 60-sprays bottle, you obviously get twice as much medicine for less than twice the price. This save you two or three dollars, in most cases. But I’ve found that the sprayer on the larger bottle works better by allowing you to use more of the medicine. So while you may not quite get 60 sprays from the small bottle, you can usually get well over 120 sprays from the larger one. You’ll find that the sprayer works best when the bottle is fuller and when the bottle is held level.

2. Warehouse stores offer exceptional deals. Warehouse stores like Sam’s Club and Costco do what they can to help you save on Flonase. While they don’t offer or accept Flonase coupons, they usually offer three-packs of the large bottles at a price equal to buying only two bottles elsewhere. If you can find this deal, you may be able to save 33 percent. These clubs offer guest passes and day passes, so you may also be able to get this Flonase discount without having a membership. Just watch expiration dates and make sure you can use all the product before it expires.

3. Ordering online saves you big money. Once you see how much good Flonase does, you may want to order Flonase from Amazon. No membership is required, shipping is free if your total order is large enough and you can even set up a subscription so you get your Flonase regularly with no hassles. Ordering directly from Amazon saves you money, and you can choose “Other Sellers On Amazon” from the right column for other reputable sellers who sell through Amazon and offer even bigger discounts. You also save on the Amazon price when you set up a subscription.

4. Generic Flonase is available with a prescription. If you have medical insurance and will be going to the doctor anyway, ask about generic fluticasone propionate nasal spray. For the moment, only brand-name Flonase is available over the counter, but a generic version is available with a prescription. If your your doctor will prescribe it and your prescription drug insurance will cover it, you may be able to save. But OTC generic Flonase is not available.

Final Thoughts On Dealing With Allergies

Dealing with allergies can be expensive, time-consuming and a real pain. But it’s possible to save on Flonase with and without Flonase coupons.

Others things you can do to limit the impact of allergies on your health include drinking lots of water, keeping your lips and nose hydrated and protected and blowing your nose and washing your face often to get rid of allergens.

When you take the right actions and do them consistently, you can live comfortably with your allergies and have a better life than you ever imagined.

Click here to see a great Flonase deal on Amazon, a site where everything costs less.

Fuzzy Taco Smart Ordering Advice For Savings And Health

Looking for the right ordering strategy at Fuzzy Taco to get the best value and also not blow your diet? There are things you can do when ordering at Fuzzy’s Tacos to get the best overall deal for you. Prices for some items can be a bit higher than some people would like, but when you order smart, you can overcome this problem and keep the waistline in check too.

Here are some specific pieces of advice for smart ordering at Fuzzy Taco:

1. Sharing is the order of the day. Portions are large — especially the salads. So share with your partner or a friend for the best value and to get the portion size down to something reasonable. Don’t be shy about asking for a second plate when you pick up the order so you can easily share without eating off the same plate.

2. Forget about the queso. That’s for two reasons. First, it’s a bit expensive. And second, it’s very literally nothing but fat in a bowl. Instead, opt for chips and salsa. Fuzzy’s Tacos has relatively mild salsa that’s right for a variety of people’s tastes. Still, the chips are high in carbs and fat. Forget about them altogether for cost savings and to make your meal healthier.

3. Opt for chicken choices. You may know that the ground beef and steak are high in saturated fat and calories, but don’t choose a fish taco instead. Fish is deep fried in a heavy batter and can’t be considered healthy. Plus, you don’t get much fish for your money. Choose chicken-based entrees for better health and to get more food for the cost.

4. Choose water with your meal. For savings and health, you probably know that you should avoid the alcohol. But avoid the soft drinks too. A couple of those large souvenir cups of cola can easily have more calories than a couple of tacos. While Fuzzy’s iced tea is usually good, it’s not worth the price, so stick to water. It will help you feel fuller without eating as much anyway.

So there you have it: some great advice for avoiding overeating and overspending at Fuzzy Taco. Are you planning to put this advice into practice for dinner tonight?

How To Get Cash With Your PayPal Card Without ATM Fees

One of the annoyances of working as a freelancer is that most of my money comes to me through PayPal — and since PayPal has no local banks and no longer has a bill pay service, paying credit card bills and handling other transactions where debit cards aren’t accepted is a pain.

For many people, getting cash from their PayPal account means going to an ATM, inserting their PayPal Debit MasterCard and getting the cash they need — while shelling out whatever the ATM charges to access money, often several dollars per transaction.

But I don’t EVER pay ATM fees. Paying a fee to access your own money is just like throwing money down the drain, and that isn’t smart, isn’t frugal and isn’t necessary.

You can use one of the following two methods to get the cash you need:

Transfer to a free checking account. If you can wait a few days, you can transfer your money from PayPal to a checking account, then get cash from that account or use the account for online bill paying. But many checking accounts charge you a monthly fee and also for access to your money. But there are still a limited number of free checking account offers around. Free checking isn’t available at the major nationwide chains, however. In Texas, for example, you can get free checking at Bank of Texas, and the bank doesn’t charge any ATM fees for its own ATMs.

Get cash back at a store. The problem with getting cash back at a store is that you have to buy something and you’re often limited on how much cash you can get. Some Target stores only allow $40 cash back, for example. But many stores offer larger amounts. At Walmart, you can often get $100 cash back in many cases. Albertsons and other grocery store chains will often provide even more if you go to the customer service desk. And at ALDI, cash back is sometimes limited only by what’s on hand, and you can often get as much as $200 or more. In most cases, the daily cash limit at an ATM is $400.

Avoiding ATM fees when getting cash from your PayPal card involves a combination of some preplanning and some smart use of your card for cash back during other purchases. If you need some butter, cat litter or cereal, start at ALDI, if there’s one nearby, and you may be able to get all the cash you need there.

If you need more, get cash during each transaction you make where it’s available and you’ll soon collect up what you need without a lot of extra hassles.